Providing high quality care for out of school hours

Fully Licensed, registered Out Of School Care plus - CCB Approved.

To provide high quality care for children in an environment which will foster the childís self esteem, independence and self-help skills.

To develop and implement a balanced programme that is stimulating, interesting and exciting, and which will allow for opportunities for all children to explore and develop new skills.

To provide an experience that is different from the type of learning experienced at school.

The service caters for children from Kindergarten through to year six (5-12 years). Our service operates out of school hours and only during school terms. Staff development Days (Pupil Free Days) we will be open on these days. Our service is designed to provide quality care for infants/primary aged children whose parents have work or study commitments, or require occasional care for other reasons, or are unable to pick up their children from school.

After School Care is intended to be a fun place and children love attending the service. We have a variety of activities that are stimulating, interesting and exciting for all children.

These include:

  • Art and Craft (painting, card making, collages, paper mache, etc)
  • Outdoor activities (team and individual)
  • Dancing
  • Reading/Stories (group and individual)
  • Charades
  • Games and Puzzles
  • Cooking
  • Free Play/Interaction with other children
  • Gardening
  • Experiments
  • Clay Moulding
  • Building and Construction
  • Videos/DVDís (wet days)


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