important information

Your child's safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.  When you employ the services of a Kiddicare babysitter, we ask that you carefully read this page in conjunction with our Terms of Business on the Terms and Conditions page.

Before you leave your child/ren in the care of your Kiddicare babysitter, you first need to fill out the Client Information Page.

This document provides the babysitter with very important information that will enable them to provide your child/ren with safe and responsible care.

  • Please make the babysitter aware of your child’s special needs, including food preferences, bedtime routine, dummies (pacifiers), milk or formula bottles, etc.
  • You must make the babysitter aware of any allergies your child may suffer, and the location of any medications. Please note that no medications can be administered to a child unless a medication authorisation form has been filled out. Our babysitters carry these forms with them if they are required.
  • You must also give written consent for the babysitter to allow your children to participate in water activities. (This includes swimming in your own backyard pool).
  • Please show the babysitter the location of any first aid equipment, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and, in the event of a blackout, a torch or matches and candles.
  • It is essential to leave a contact phone number with the babysitter in case of any problems or emergencies.