bookings + rates


To book a child carer, we require at least 24hours notice for booking and confirmation. Once your booking has been confirmed, your babysitter will contact you shortly before they travel to your premises, where they will introduce themselves to you and to re-confirm all details.

We can accommodate 'short notice' bookings, however cannot guarantee a carer immediately although every effort and endeavour will be taken to meet your request.

If you would like one child carer in particular, we would be happy to try and arrange this for you (depending on availability).

At Kiddicare we take great pride in our service and would be happy to receive your feedback from your last Kiddicare experience, as well as any suggestions or improvements you might have in order to help us meet your every need. Click here to download our client information/authorisation forms.


Babysitting Rates

Rates may vary due to the number of children and the type of child care required (permanent or casual). To determine the appropriate rate for you, simply contact Kiddicare by telephone 1300 875 557 :  0400 008 683 or email us at